At Hope & Glory, we’re devoted to tea, but that goes hand in hand with our commitment to the welfare and well-being of our fellowmen and our precious planet, now and in the future.

We have Organic accreditation by the Soil Association (UK) & Control Union (EU) and look out for the Fairtrade logo on our Fairtrade accredited products.

Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging, created to our strict specifications and match the requirements of the Foodservice sector, is the first of its kind for tea in the EU (and possibly the world): a 100% sustainable packaging solution where every component is recyclable, reusable, and compostable. We have created a closed loop solution for our client & partners – to ensure the recycling of our packaging – we will DELIVER – COLLECT – SEPARATE – CLEAN – RECYCLE our materials for all our clients, by working with PLASGRAN Ltd. (one of EU’s largest recycling businesses) to ensure our packaging is truly sustainable.

Sustainable Growth

We are working with our tea gardens to provide a Well Tree Programme) This is a programme we are developing whereby we replant tea bushes with the gardens with which we work to provide a sustainable and rich in quality supply of the tea from these gardens to give them more and more likelihood of success. This will be launched in 2019. We choose to source only from gardens that are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, supporting their commitment to sustainable tea production, the wellbeing of their workforce, and the environment in which their tea is grown, harvested and produced. Our relationship with these gardens is a long-term commitment.

Our Ethos

We seek the best solutions for our clients, customers, partners, and suppliers, including our hand-picked tea gardens and plantations. We strive to do what is right by them, continuously refining, learning, challenging and enhancing our solutions.

Reduced Carbon Footprint Shipping

Our tea is shipped by sea, rather than flown by air, limiting our carbon footprint.

Stock and Client Deliveries

We are attempting to ensure all our deliveries and collections are efficiently organised – so to minimise fuel emissions, traffic & congestion. Eventually looking to move to an all electric fleet service.

The Right Partners

We work with tea gardens where sustainability is at the heart of all they do, whether for their workforce of the. Our tea packing facility is the only facility in South Asia with a zero carbon foot print.

Involvement in the Debate

When it comes to sustainability, we speak up and want to be heard. We work with enlightened chef partners, think tank leaders (Beyond GM) and other stakeholders to help drive the sustainability agenda for the UK, with a focus on the fundamental role that schools and education play.