Welcome to Hope & Glory


Untitled-3_12I still can’t quite believe I have finally got my dream up and running and can now say out loud that I am the Founder and Managing Director of Hope & Glory tea. Everyone said it would be hard work but no one told me there would be more sleepless nights than with any of my three children! Having said that I don’t regret one single wink of lost sleep. I am so passionate about Hope & Glory that I would go the ends of the earth to bring you excellent teas and extravagant tea experiences.

Nina-smallOur top notch, organic teas are hand-picked around the globe and blended particularly for the British palette. Our four tea Collections are royally represented, from the robust and strong kings of flavours in our Maharajah signature range to the soft and delicate herbal tisanes in our Rani, princess range. Our website is also full of useful information to help you make the most of our teas and enjoy them in more ways than just a delightful cup of top quality goodness. Our tea sommelier has paired our teas with cakes that complement and enhance their flavour qualities and, for those of you who like to take your tipple up a notch or two, our cocktail page is full of ingenious and mouthwatering Hope & Glory cocktail recipes.

Part of my Hope & Glory dream was to develop a family business and my husband Bharat and I feel very lucky to have our business based around the corner from our home in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside.

We are very much a British – Indian family, hence the Red Fort from Delhi in our logo. Both our grandparents and parents migrated here from India, via Africa, in the 1960’s and we have been brought up with both Indian and British cultures. Our families were always very proud of the hard won Indian Independence and my grandfather actually walked with Ghandi in the Salt March in 1930. They also always spoke positively of the time of British rule. They believed India would not be the country it is today if it were not for the British – Indian connection and that many positives occurred including infrastructure, progress and, of course, a rich culture of tea and cricket!
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So why my love of all things tea? Growing up I remember the smell of Masala Chai coming from the kitchen every morning, especially on Sundays when the tea was brewed longer and stronger. My Mum or Aunty always made it the same way; fresh black tea, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and pepper steeped in a mix of half milk and water and simmered in a pot on the stove. As children we drank it out of saucers so we wouldn’t burn our mouths, as did my Dad who had to drink his tea quickly before rushing to work. On Sundays he had time to sit and relax and drink his tea from a beautiful cup and saucer, always sweetened to bring out the spices. I still relax when I smell Chai tea and spices brewing, it gives me such a homey feeling. I still feel emotional thinking about presenting my dad with my very own signature blend Hope & Glory Chai from our Maharajah range. It is a memory I will cherish forever (and I am pleased to say he loves it!).

The name Hope & Glory is inspired by my Dad. He had to leave school at eleven to help put food on the table and despite this humble beginning he believed that if you worked hard your dreams would always come true. He bought me up to believe that Britain is a land of hope where, if you work hard, you can reap your glory, which means a roof over your head, food on the table and a happy, healthy family. Tea just makes it even better.