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June 20, 2016

As part of the recent Soil Association campaign aiming to get people switched over to an organic breakfast, the Hope & Glory team have been experimenting with some organic breakfast companions for your morning cup of tea.

The flavour of tea, as with wine, comes from the ‘terroir’ so it is essential that our teas remain free of the additives, preservatives and chemicals that can be found in a non-organic environment.

That’s why we’re so proud to be working with the Soil Association, which was formed in 1946 to create a better world – one where we farm responsibly, eat healthily and live in balance with the environment.

Organic means working with nature, not against it; you choose products that promote an ethical approach and reduce your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides.  No system of farming does more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, or protect natural resources like fresh water and healthy soils.

Best of all, going organic is easier than you’d think – just like Hope & Glory teas, other food products that hold the Soil Association symbol have been produced to the highest possible animal welfare and environmental standards.

The buying decisions we make every day are a simple but powerful form of direct action. So, with our focus on the first meal of the day, we present to you our best organic breakfast choices:

A roundup of the best organic breakfasts to enjoy with your favourite 100% organic Hope & Glory Tea

Organic Yogurt & Fruit Cup

Organic yogurt & fruit cup with 100% Organic Hope & Glory Premium Tea
Organic natural yogurt with organic peach slices, pecans, banana slices, oat bran, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and flaked bran enjoyed with a cup of Hope & Glory English Breakfast Tea

We’ve seen so many delicious yogurt cups and smoothie bowls on instagram recently that we just had to create our own.

With so many amazing organic seeds mixes, nuts and fruit to choose from it’s easy to find your favourite combination.

We decided to start by lining our cup with slices of banana, adding a handful of organic bran flakes then covering with spoonfuls of creamy natural organic yogurt. We topped that off with flat peach slices, pecans and a mix of pumpkin and chia seeds.The tartness of the peaches cut through the creamy yogurt and the bran flakes added a satisfying crunch while the ripe bananas added just the right amount of sweetness.  It was delicious, very healthy and really rather pretty too!

Certain fruit and vegetables contain more pesticides and chemicals than others so, if you can’t buy all organic, the good news is that The Pesticide Action Network UK reported the following as having the least amount of pesticide residue:

Star Fruit | Plum | Exotic Fruits | Kiwi Fruit |Bananas | Raspberries | Other Berries | Melons | Corn Cobs | Leeks | Aubergines | Onions | Ginger | Chilli | Potatoes | Peppers | Celery | Spinach

Yogurt can be bought in many guises including Greek, fat-free and probiotic but regardless, organic yogurt is always made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.

For more yogurt inspiration see Reader’s Digest 10 Healthier Ways to Top Greek Yogurt for Breakfast

Organic Bacon & Eggs

Organic bacon & eggs with 100% organic Hope & Glory Darjeeling premium tea
A soft-boiled organic egg, crispy organic bacon & organic baby spinach which we enjoyed with a cold-brewed Hope & Glory 100% organic Darjeeling.

One of the bedrocks of British society is the presence of Bacon and Eggs at the breakfast table, and it is possible to find a wide range of organic offerings for both.

According to Compassion in World Farming, organically reared hens offer the highest potential standards of animal welfare. They enjoy more access to the outdoors than non-organic free-range birds and less crowded living conditions indoors – up to six hens per square meter in flocks of no more than 3000. Routine beak trimming is not permitted under the rules of the Soil Association.

Organic bacon should be free of antibiotics and preservatives, and organic pigs should be fed organic feed. Organic pigs are kept in conditions that, as far as possible, allow them to express their natural behaviour. This includes being kept in family groups with free access to fields when conditions allow.

In practice this means that most organic pigs will be outdoors all year round, though indoor housing is permitted in severe weather conditions, provided that there is plenty of straw bedding for the pigs, and continued access to an outdoor run.

We started the day with an organic free-range egg, softly boiled then sliced, accompanied by crispy smoked bacon on a bed of baby spinach leaves – simple yet filling and a great source of protein.

For more inspiration grab yourself some organic bacon and eggs from your local supplier and take a look at Buzzfeed’s  ’21 Ways To Step Up Your Bacon And Egg Game’

Organic rye crispbread with a variety of toppings

Organic Rye Crispbread with Hope & Glory Peppermint Tisane
An Organic Rye Crispbread is baked with organically farmed rye and contains no additives.

We’re rather partial to organic sourdough rye crispbreads at the moment – they are quick to assemble and you can top them with pretty much anything you fancy!

An organic rye crispbread is baked with organically farmed rye and contains no additives. They’re stocked in many natural food shops as well as some supermarkets and have a wonderful crunchy savoury bite to them.

We packed in an incredible amount of nutrients by topping ours with crispy bacon bits, walnuts, cottage cheese mixed with grated pear, red grapes and a sprinkling of chia seeds – all organic of course.

The beauty of this combination is the balance of sweet with savoury and the variety of textures found in each mouthful.  We challenge you not to be a morning person after a few of these to boost you.

If you’re feeling extra fancy or have a brunch to cater for, have a look at Bustle.com’s ’12 Cracker Toppings that will make you feel extra fancy’ for inspiration (remember to substitute for organic ingredients where appropriate)

We hope you have enjoyed our selections and wouldn’t be surprised if you’re completely ravenous by now so, do make yourself a cup of your favourite Hope & Glory fine tea and start planning how to next ‘break your fast’ the organic way!

You can find more inspiration and breakfast recipes on our ‘Wake up to organic’ Pinterest Board.

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What is your favourite ‘go to’ for an organic breakfast, let us know in the comments below, we’re always looking for new ideas.

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