The Romance of Tea

February 6, 2019

If music be the food of love, play on” – a quote that has been used countless times around the world in the run up to the most romantic day of the year, St. Valentine’s Day.

So if music be the food of love, then what about the drink? May we be so bold as to suggest that it could be tea? With Valentine’s just around the corner, your evening plans may be in full swing, and you’re probably scouring the shelves for a full-bodied red wine or a crispy white to surprise your lover with along with that delicious home-cooked meal. But there’s a lot to be said for a well-brewed cuppa to make you feel all fuzzy-headed and warm inside; if the draw of a little alcohol is too irresistible for you, then tea can cater for that too – more on that later!

Another famous phrase is ‘tea for two’ so what perfect time to explore this most versatile of drinks than when you’re both cosying up together on a cold February evening?

valentine's day tea

Red Velvet Tea

At the heart of the Hope & Glory tea range is our Red Velvet tisane. It is a beautiful deep ruby red in colour, and whereas many teas are bitter, Red Velvet has a something of a fruity zing with a complex mix of orange and berry flavourings. If the thought of a hot drink with a hot meal sounds a little too far-fetched, then you can always try it as a post-meal treat.

For an extra-special treat, then our Jasmine Pearl tea is the height of tea luxury. Given that it’s Chinese New Year, you can treat this Chinese green tea as a double celebration. Delicately scented with beautiful Jasmine, this tea is perfect as a digestif.

For those of you with a little more time – and the right ingredients – on your hands, there are a wealth of tea cocktails that you could try out. With boozy and non-alcoholic choices on the menu, there’s something for everyone. For Valentine’s Day, we would suggest the refreshing Red Velvet Mojito sparkler. Combining all of the fruity elements of the tea with lime and mint, this is a fun cocktail to both make and drink together. If you’re feeling extra daring, simply adding a healthy glug of white rum to the mix will certainly spice up proceedings.

And we mustn’t forget presentation – infusing the teas in a transparent teapot before transferring into glass teacups and you have an Instagrammer’s heaven! Celebrate the romance of tea with Hope & Glory this Valentine’s Day.

the romance of tea

Red Velvet Mojito Sparkler

Tea is the magic key to the vault where my brain is kept.”
-Frances Hardinge