Say hello to your new look Hope & Glory Tea: 100% Recyclable packaging

January 8, 2019

Introducing Hope & Glory’s new packaging. Re-imagined for elegance, redesigned for the environment. All the flavour and goodness of premium, whole leaf organic Hope & Glory tea comes to you in elegant, new 100% sustainable packaging.

As founders of Hope & Glory Tea, we think we’ve found the packaging that perfectly suits the quality and refinement of our teas and tea blends. But we’ve also invested in features to make our product more sustainable and kinder to the environment:

  • Polyethylene envelopes, the very first of its kind in the tea industry
  • Recyclable and reusable metal caddies
  • Recyclable paper sleeves
  • Recyclable cartons cartons
  • Extra-long cotton tags securely tied to extra-long recyclable brand tags. (So no more fishing tags out of your cuppa!)

In 2019, we’re also investing in a Well Tree Programme with our tea garden partners, replanting tea bushes to guarantee a continuing source of quality tea.

At Hope & Glory, we’ll never stop searching for measures and new innovations that make a difference. Enjoy your tea!

Five Steps to Recycling your Hope & Glory Tea…and caring for our planet:

  1. Brew, relax and enjoy your tea ?
  2. Recycle your envelopes in your recycling bins
  3. Separate the tea bag, brand tag & cotton tag
  4. Compost the tea, recycle the bag and tags in your recycling bins
  5. Recycle cartons and sleeves in your recycling bin
  6. Reuse or recycle caddies