Review of Hope & Glory Teas by Tea Blogger Russtea

March 13, 2016

Russtea, a passionate tea blogger and tea expert, has just published his Review of Hope & Glory Teas and we’re delighted to say he loved them! – the review considers three Hope & Glory blends from across our four collections:  Chamomile, Masala Chai and English Breakfast.

Russtea appreciated the sweet, floral character of our Chamomile, commenting that it:

“smells wonderfully floral and creates a golden yellow tea. I found this blend to be sweeter than other chamomile teas which aren’t usually my favourite flavour, so this is a good improvement.”

The Masala Chair was also a hit with its ‘vibrant spicy punch’ and he agreed that steeping the blend in hot milk is the best way to bring out the flavours.

“While the tea is steeping a beautiful almost fruity smell fills the kitchen, perfect on a cold rainy day! I tried this blend with water first and then a second mug with milk, I preferred it with milk. The amount of black tea and spice is just right and it isn’t overly powerful like a lot of masala chai, the Ceylon base is also really flavoursome.”

Our thanks go out to Russtea for taking the time to review our teas – we’re so glad he enjoyed them, you can read the full review of Hope & Glory Teas on his site and we highly recommend subscribing to his newsletter for tea related news, recipes and reviews.

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