Cyrus Todiwala, Britain’s much-loved Indian chef is collaborating with his favourite brand of Tea, Hope & Glory, to bring an unforgettable Spice + Chai experience to the Fes.Tea.Val at Chiswick House Gardens on 21st & 22nd April. Savour an Indian-inspired Afternoon Tea, with a jolly twist. We’ll be serving your choice of Mr Todiwala’s sweet and savoury morsels with your pick of Hope & Glory Tea, packed in an Afternoon Tea Lunch Box that’s yours to keep.

And here’s your chance to beat the queues and order ahead of time! Simply select the meal you desire with the tea you love! Add to your basket and checkout for what will be a wonderful Afternoon Tea. You will receive an email with your order - simply bring along a printout or a copy on your mobile phone to the event.

NOTE: This afternoon tea is only available to attendees of Fes-Tea-Val and you MUST have a valid Fes-Tea-Val pass. Book yours here:

Lunchbox contains
Vada Pao The Bombay Veggie Burger. Also available in Gluten free bread OR Kheema Na Puff Pattice Curried Lamb mince filled in Puff pastry and Baked
All of the below
Chai Toast Simple rusk made from semi sweet milk bread Badami Naan Khatai A soft biscuit toast like shortbread but made with an old sour dough recipe Bombay Mix Multiple tasting crispy bits made using chickpeas flour Kala Jamun Reduced milk cake deep friend and steeped in rose flavoured syrup Paani Kum Masala ChaiA rich tea with milk added along with tea spices, normally with added sugar but we shall let you do that
Your choice of Tea
English Breakfast Assam Chamomile Peppermint
Rooibos Earl Grey Darjeeling Masala Chai
Red Velvet Green Jasmine
...all presented in a keepsake Hope & Glory® Tea Caddy

Make your selection below and we look forward to seeing you there!
NB you can order as many lunchboxes as you like! If you require more than 2 simply complete the page again having added a set to your basket.

National Tea Day 2018 – Afternoon Tea Lunchboxes

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How better to celebrate National Tea Day than by bringing together two national treasures?


Chef Cyrus Todiwala is renowned for his fine Indian cuisine. To celebrate National Tea Day at Fes.Tea.Val, he’s offering a delightful edit of his world-renowned cuisine, paired with premium, speciality 100% organic and hand-picked Hope & Glory Tea.

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