Our New Tea Blends

November 15, 2019
white tea

Hope & Glory Tea has launched five new teas and tea blends to add to its range of premium, 100-percent organic, whole-leaf teas, tisanes and tea blends. The new varieties, all single estate, single-origin organic teas, include an extremely rare Organic Virgin White Tea from Sri Lanka. This single batch rare tea is plucked and processed using an old Chinese method whereby the tea never directly touches human skin. Apart from the tea being exceptionally high in anti-oxidants, the tea can also be brewed as many as 7 times, with each brew offering its own distinct flavour and tone. It is also known as the Virgin Tea.

Also from Sri Lanka comes the Organic Relax Tea, a green tea infusion carefully blended for its nurturing and soothing tones: the perfect round-the-clock brew. Velvety smooth and rich to the palate, our Organic Milky Oolong Tea from Taiwan is a luxury grade version of the traditional Chinese tea.

Unlike other Assam teas, the Hope & Glory Organic White Assam Tea from India is unique, having been sourced from a high-grown, single-estate tea garden. Its liquor is rich, yet clean and fresh, with a deeply floral aroma.

Completing the quintet of new teas launching in October 2019 is our Organic Lapsang Souchong Tea, a black Chinese tea variety known and beloved for its smoky aroma and flavour. It is a stately addition to an elegant collection; Lapsang Souchong is widely known to have been Sir Winston Churchill’s favourite brew.

Each of the new varieties was personally chosen by Hope & Glory Tea founders Bharat and Nina Chudasama, who make it their mission to bring back the ‘glory days’ of tea drinking in Britain. Already, their 3-year-old company has started to make a positive difference to the tea experiences offered by some of the country’s most renowned establishments, raising expectations of what makes a great cup of tea.

Nina said, “Launching these new teas and tea blends is us wanting to make a difference, one tea at a time. Until now we’ve limited ourselves to 11 great teas and tea blends, some of which have won some wonderful awards for their taste and flavour. But the direction of the tea market points to a demand for more flavoured teas, healthier brews, and young people especially are longing for new tea experiences. Adding five new teas and tea blends expands the choices for both our valuable trade and retail customers.”

Bharat said, ‘We’re responding to the demands of the market but we hope we’re leading the way too. It’s not just the exceptional flavour of all of our Hope & Glory Teas, but the fact that all they are also sustainably grown, processed and packaged that makes a difference.