July’s Tea of the Month is Hope & Glory Chamomile!

July 1, 2016


Hope & Glory Chamomile - Maharani Collection

Inspired by wild flower meadows and long summer days, this month we are celebrating one of our most popular herbal tisanes, Chamomile.

Often seen growing wild at this time of year, in gardens or on roadsides, Chamomile is the common name for several daisy-like plants of the Asteraceae family. A simple pretty little plant, with a yellow centre surrounded by pretty white petals, the species more commonly used for making herbal infusions is called ‘Matricaria Chamomilla’.

We use only the finest whole flower heads in our blend, which results in a smooth light cup, softly sweet and golden. It is deliciously comforting when taken with a spoonful of honey added for natural sweetness. Or if you’re in the party spirit, try out our zingy Chamomile based cocktail, with pink grapefruit and honey, it is definitely a decadent drink for sharing.

In medieval times, Chamomile was thought of as the ‘plants physician’. It was thought to contribute to the health of other plants in the garden, whereby a drooping or sickly plant may well recover if Chamomile was planted near it. Perhaps worth a try if you are struggling with a sickly houseplant or flower patch at the moment?!

Happy gardening, and tea drinking!



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