English Breakfast Tea Cocktail

August 1, 2016

Full bodied black teas such as Hope & Glory English Breakfast work well in cocktails because their dominant flavours come through, even when mixed with spirits.

Gin & tea – how frightfully English!


Serves 8

4  Hope & Glory English Breakfast pyramids 


4 tsp Hope & Glory English Breakfast tea leaves

500ml (18oz) boiled water

200gm caster sugar

400ml (14oz) dry gin

2 x lemons


Step 1

INFUSE pyramids in 400ml of boiled water, for 5 minutes

Step 2

REMOVE pyramids, or strain if loose, refrigerate to cool.

Step 3

MIX 200gm caster sugar and 100ml boiling water to make a sugar syrup, allow to cool.

Step 4

COMBINE cooled syrup & tea with 400ml of dry gin and 200ml of fresh lemon juice in a jug or teapot.

Step 5

POUR into a glass or teacup. Garnish with fine slices of lemon.


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