April’s Tea of the Month is Red Velvet!

April 4, 2016


This months Tea of the Month is sure to make your mouth water. A blend of fruits including rosehip, hibiscus, apple and orange Hope & Glory’s Red Velvet is mouth wateringly good.

Hope & Glory Red Velvet - Rajah CollectionNot strictly speaking a tea, but a fruit infusion, Red Velvet is 100% caffeine free, contributes to your daily fluid intake and (despite the indulgent name) is calorie-free!

A complex blend of sweet and sour, it is Hibiscus that gives this blend a wonderfully tart, cranberry-like, flavour. A tropical flowering plant, with beautifully deep ruby red flowers, hibiscus petals are commonly used to make herbal infusions. Take a look at the dry leaves of the blend, to see if you can spot them.

Rose has been used in herbal remedies for centuries, commonly as rosewater (distilled from the petals) or as a syrup made from the rosehips (traditionally given to children to improve resistance to infection) – it is the rose fruit, or hips, that are used in this fruit blend. Rosehips and Hibiscus are both rich sources of Vitamin C and minerals – which makes Hope & Glory’s Red Velvet a powerful little cup!

This zingy, crisp fruit blend makes a refreshing iced-tea…so simple to make, just brew as usual before pouring straight over ice and serve – perfect for when the sun is shining. Or why not try our exclusive mocktail ‘Red Velvet Mohito Sparkler’, shaken up with lime and mint, this is a drink to share – sign up to The Tea Salon to receive this recipe and many more.  

Don’t forget that all orders of our Tea of the Month come with complimentary delivery if you use the code ‘teaofthemonth’ at the checkout screen.

So, come rain or shine, have a wonderful April fellow Tea Lovers!


Happy February fellow travelers lovers! From Angela xxx


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