afternoon tea at work

Afternoon Tea at Work

June 15, 2018

You’ve heard of a working lunch, but what about afternoon tea at work?

The tradition of afternoon tea has been revamped in recent years and now almost everyone in the hospitality trade is jumping on the bandwagon, each trying to out-do the other by adding unique twists to their afternoon tea event. Walk around any town or city across the UK and you’ll likely come across several establishments – from small independents to large chains – offering this very British experience.

However, there are more reasons than just wanting to add a touch of luxury to your life to have afternoon tea. It’s unlikely you’ll need any justification to enjoy a cuppa and a light snack but how about these – particularly handy if you’re working the 9 to 5!

The Mid-Afternoon Lull

Towards the end of the working day, especially around three or four o’clock, it’s natural to feel more tired and worn out than you do earlier in the day. This is the time your body is slowly shutting down; It’s actually a sign that you should be napping (why do you think other parts of the world enjoy a siesta!), but not everyone is lucky enough to grab forty winks. There is always time for tea, however. Organizing a tea and a snack at around 4pm as a great way to feed your metabolism and set you up for the final couple of hours of work and the commute home (without ruining your appetite).

Watching your Weight

Studies have shown for years that the way to lose weight is not to skip meals but to eat less more often. Eating smaller meals throughout the day gives your body a constant flow of energy and keeps your metabolism on high alert. What better way to slot in that extra meal than with a cup of tea and a sandwich (and if you’re feeling particularly rakish, a slice of cake!).

Energy Boost

If you’re a regular visitor to the Hope & Glory site, you’ll know that we are very vocal about the benefits that tea provides. Antioxidants are just one of those, but when it comes to needing an energy boost, there is just enough caffeine in a cuppa to give you that extra lift. If you’re feeling sluggish, hot tea and iced tea are perfect to keep your caffeine levels at a good level before your main evening meal.

Clear your Head and Socialise

Another benefit of a spot of workplace afternoon tea is keeping your brain in the game. We all need a break from sitting at the desk from time to time and even just 10 minutes away in the mid-afternoon can work wonders for your concentration for the rest of the day. Not only that, but it’s a great time to socialise with friends and co-workers – some of the best business ideas have come over a cuppa!

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